"La Soirée" (detail) by Vittorio Reggianini (1858-1938).

my brother is in Japan visiting his girlfriend and she lives next door to a guinea pig cafe. LOOK AT ALL OF THESE PIGS! AN ENTIRE HERD! 



Steffen Van Malder


i talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t choose rude dialogue options in games because i’m scared of hurting a characters feelings

Green Wheat Field (detail), Vincent Van Gogh, 1890

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'What is that? Oh nothing edible? Bye.' - bianca.
Look at her extendo self. Guinea pigs are length liars. They are fuzzy squeaky accordions.


Ellie ended up back at the vet again today. That’s the third time just this year (and she’s not even 1-year-old yet). Needless to say… I’m worried about her.

The good ole doc seems to think it’s around the same thing I took her in for last time. But he couldn’t decide if the sweeping of her eye was from a sinus infection or some sort of trauma.

I’m realizing quickly that there’s not very much known about bird illnesses (i.e. causes/symptoms) and to tell you the truth it’s downright frustrating! I’d like to be able to know what’s causing Ellie to get sick so I can help her not to feel the way she is right now.

If there are any bird owners out there who have had experience with sinus infections and/or swollen eyes, please please let me know how you overcame it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Poor Ellie :( I hope she’s feeling better soon!!!

Reupload bc I used the wrong pic lol

Sleepy dan and not so sleepy dan
Tired eyes. Flat ears »> alert and pointier ears


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